Interesting Literature – Wednesday Evening Small Discussion Groups


We will meet on the following evenings (BIOLOGY UNIT 1, Room 307, 5:30 pm) and form discussion groups to lead discourse on posted literature –


12 January (Please read both articles)

The management of body weight through BDNF and exercise  (Newsweek Link for Lay Audience Reading)

New England of Medicine Article (Scientific Publication that Relates to the Newsweek Article)


26 January (Please read both articles) -

Using light to control an animal’s movement  (Scientific American Link for Lay Audience Reading)

Nature Methods Article (Original manuscript from Harvard)


16 February (Scientific American Link – Obesity during Pregnancy)

American Heart Association Article (Original review article about Metabolic Syndrome)


2 March

Metabolic Surgery to Treat Type II Diabetes (Original Article from the Annual Review of Medicine)


16 March (Scientific American Link – Stem Cells from Skin) (Scientific American Link – Stem Cells for Memory) (Scientific American Link – Stem Cells for Vision)


23 March (Please read Review article and then I will explain the technology in the Nature publication)

Nature Article (Original Cloning of the Sheep Dolly)

Repro. Domes Animals (Review on Cloning)



6 April

Better:  A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance (Casualties of War)


20 April

Start with looking at this section of the US Environmental Protection Agency

On the right hand side of the page, there is a green box called “Health Effects”.  Click on some of these tabs so that you are better

educated on the sources and health risks of radiation.  There is a section called “Calculate your Exposure” – try this out to calculate

your annual exposure.


Then read the research report of Chernobyl…23 years after the accident:

Especially read chapter 15 if you cannot get through this entire 40 page report, it is interesting.

Chernobyl Report



Literature will be posted as the semester proceeds, so check back often for linked pdf files (you may have to use your refresh key on your browser).


While you have the capacity to be graded on 5 of the 8 readings, you may feel free to participate in all of the readings if you so desire.


The first half of the evening will be dedicated to the discussion group activity (5:30 –6 pm). 

The second half of the evening will be dedicated to an informal help session (6 – 6:30 pm).