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Research Interests

Welcome to the Chadwick lab. Research in the Chadwick lab focuses on two main interests: (1) the organization and maintenance of chromatin on the inactive X chromosome, (2) the role of macrosatellites in genome biology.

Schematic model to explain the folding of the the two territories of the inactive X chromosome between metaphase and interphase. On the far left and right are an actual metaphase Xi and female interphase nucleus respectively. Next on the left is a representation of the human inactive X chromosome showing the location of the major macroH2A/H3K27me3 and H3K9me3 territories. The location of the X inactivation center (XIC) is indicated. On the far right is an interphase nucleus with the bipartite Barr body chromatin highlighted. Chadwick & Willard, PNAS, 101, 17450-17455, 2004.


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