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Ongoing Research Projects 

A sampling of some of the projects in the lab -- I also try to keep several collaborations going with people around the world, and most of those are not listed here. 

Some of my current projects include studies of 

(1)  competition - coexistence trade-offs in a tropical ant-plant system. An NSF-funded collaboration with Emilio Bruna (University of Florida), we're working on fators that promote coexistence of specialist and generalist ants using Tococa bullifera and Maieta guianensis;


(2) experiments on effects of resource heterogeneity for host-parasitoid interactions, using colonies of Callosobruchus and parasitoids in the lab; 


(3) collaborative work with Nora Underwood and post-doc Kurt Anderson on the spatial ecology of plant-herbivore interactions and effects of induced resistance;

mushroomgall.jpg (57417 bytes)


(4) the community ecology of cynipid gall-wasps on oak trees and their parasitoids, which includes a couple of experiments; 

calhills4.jpg (87289 bytes)
(5) the role of edaphic spatial variation in patterns of plant and insect biodiversity at four nested spatial scales, from 1 m up to several kilometers, in the central coast range of California.