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Brian Inouye's lab page

Brian in the field, with the alternative shaved and bearded morphologies. 

Contact Information:

Biological Science
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL 32306-4295
(850) 644-5605 office

Professional experience:
2008 - Associate Professor at FSU
2002 - 2008 Assistant Professor at FSU 
2001  Post-doctoral researcher at UC Davis, with the Consortium for Research at McLaughlin
1998 - 2000  NSF and UC Davis CPB  Postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis

2011 -   Associate Editor-in-Chief for Ecology
2009 -   Subject editor for Ecology, Ecological Monographs
2011-12 Chair, Statistical Ecology Section of the ESA

Ph.D. 1998 in Ecology.   Duke University, Department of Zoology (sadly defunct), Durham NC.
      Advisor:  Dr. William Morris.
M.S. 1998  in Statistics. Duke University, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences
      Advisor: Dr. Robert Wolpert.  

Organization for Tropical Studies
: Tropical Ecology, summer 1993.
B.A. 1991 in Biology. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA.

Through my research I am trying to understand the roles of spatial and temporal variation in population and community ecology and to link theoretical and empirical approaches. Making connections between theory and data requires a knowledge of experimental design and statistical analysis and an understanding of biology and natural history. I am excited about aspects of ecology from the quirks of species' natural histories to the behavior of generalized mathematical models, and use this breadth of interest to encourage the testing of ecological and evolutionary theory, the development of appropriate theory for ecology and conservation biology, and an understanding of complex patterns observed in the field.


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