Corn Field Fashion

by E. Shannon Mills

They walk the red carpet, but this one's of clay,
It's lined with tall stalks of purple corn all the way,

These models are working it, the corn field that is
They are clad in field clothes. They really mean biz.

Long sleeves and collars, but you'll find no black tie,
These shirts are for purpose, not for catching your eye,

Protection from sun rays, rough leaves, and pollen,
And miscellaneous bugs that might want to go crawlin'

Acquired from husbands, moms, or goodwill,
The bigger the better, to keep yourself chill.

Pants with good pockets and fabric that's airy
Shoes that can stand not being mud wary

This season, hats are in, wide-brimmed or billed,
To make sure your need for face-shade is filled.

Accessories are a must, from bandanas to shades,
But the bright, red, mesh apron brings the most aid.

Starting real early, trying to get done by noon,
This garb will be sopping with sweat pretty soon

You can come join them; feel free to engage,
But you'll have a new view of what's all the rage.