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FSU Biology - Graduate Student Information
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Departmental Fellowships/Awards

Applications Submitted by Students:

Note: The deadline for applications from students is September 28th!

Below are financial opportunities for currently enrolled graduate students. In September of each year, the Graduate Advising Office will notify students when applications will be accepted for consideration. Award announcements will be made at the annual departmental awards ceremony.

Brenda W. Bennison Memorial Scholarship

Description: Bennison Description.pdf
About Bennison and the Scholarship
Eligibility: Currently enrolled Biological Science graduate students.
Application: Bennison Application
Award: Up to $750.00

Graduate Student Publication Award

Description: Publication Description.pdf
Eligibility: Currently enrolled Biological Science graduate students.
Application: Submit one copy of the paper and a letter from your graduate advisor electronically to rsherrod@bio.fsu.edu
Award: Up to $500

Horace Loftin Endowment

Description: Loftin Description.pdf
Eligibility: Currently enrolled graduate students.
Application: Loftin Application
Award: Up to $1,000

Robert B. Short Scholarship in Zoology

Description: Short Description.pdf
Eligibility: Currently enrolled advanced Biological Science undergraduate and graduate students.
Application: Short Application
Award: Up to $1,000

Ben and Karen Thrower Scholarship

Description: A scholarship of $500 will be awarded each fall term to provide support for a graduate student within the Department of Biological Science. Selection is based on academic merit.
Eligibility: Currently enrolled Biological Science graduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 is required. Preference will be given to PhD students who have reached candidacy in any area of the biological sciences and who have strong standardized scores on the GRE.
Application: Applicant should submit an abstract of his/her most recent research, a paragraph outlining how the area of research will facilitate his/her future long-term career goal, and a c.v. In addition, the faculty mentor should submit a one page letter outlining the scholarship of the student, length of time the applicant has pursued research under their mentorship, and other important facets to distinguish the applicant's abilities such as publication productivity, national recognitions, and collegiality.

Submit all supporting application material electronically to
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