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Admission Policies
Requirements for the Degree:
I. Time Limits for Degrees
II. Supervisory Committee
III. Required Courses
IV. Teaching Requirement
V. Program of Studies
VI. MS Prospectus
VII. PhD Proposal
VIII. Graduate Examinations
IX. Timetable
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IV: English Competency
V: Graduate Appeals Policy
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Requirements for the Degree:

VII. Proposal for the PhD Degree

Most of our PhD students will be involved in writing grant proposals during their careers. The writing of a PhD proposal is intended to provide experience in writing a research proposal. Therefore, the proposal should follow the NSF or NIH format. Writing the proposal also helps the student crystallize the plan for their dissertation research and map out the experiments that need to be done. The proposal must be defended within 6 months of completing the Preliminary Examination and no later than the tenth semester in the program, and students must submit their proposal to their committees no less than 2 weeks prior to the proposal defense. Committees of students not meeting this schedule must submit a memo to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies explaining why the proposal is delayed and setting a clear date for the proposal defense. A minimum of 12 months must elapse between approval of the proposal and defense of dissertation.

Generally the proposal will include the following:

A. Abstract

B. Significance

C. Introduction with background review

D. Proposed research and rationale

E. Facilities and equipment required

F. Budget (including indirect costs and "fringe benefits")

G. Time required to complete study

H. Vita

I. Literature cited

The student is required to meet with the supervisory committee to discuss and defend the proposal. MemoUpon committee approval, the proposal is submitted to the Graduate Office.

☞ VIII. Graduate Examinations