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II. Supervisory Committee
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IV. Teaching Requirement
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Requirements for the Degree:

III. Required Courses

A. Colloquium (BSC 6921)
This course is an important learning vehicle. Students should take advantage of the breadth of new information, strategies, and research-track directions of research presented by experts in various fields. Attendance is required for students and encouraged for faculty and Course-type MS students. Neuroscience students should register for the neuroscience colloquium (PSB 6920) instead of BSC 6921.

B. Seminars
Graduate education involves learning how to present research ideas and results. The degree seminar requirements contribute to this education.

Both the Thesis MS and PhD degree programs require the presentation of "departmental seminar(s)." A "departmental seminar" should consist of an oral presentation of greater than 40 minutes in length during which the student makes a professional presentation of a body of scientific information to an audience.The student's Supervisory Committee will be responsible for determining which presentations fulfill this requirement by informing the Graduate Office of the title, date, and type of forum of the approved presentation. At the discretion of the Supervisory Committee, student presentations in graded courses, selected topics courses, and area seminars (including for example Seminar in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) can satisfy this requirement. Ordinarily, journal club and research lab meeting presentations or thesis and dissertation defense presentations will not fulfill this requirement.

Course- type MS -- No departmental seminar is required.

MemoThesis MS -- One departmental seminar as defined above is required. Students also are encouraged to present their research at regional and/or national meetings.

MemoPhD -- Three presentations are required, one of which must be a departmental seminar as defined above. The other 2 presentations may be either departmental seminars or presentations at regional and/or national meetings. Oral presentations at meetings may be shorter than 40 minutes. Poster presentations count only for the senior author, and only one poster presentation can be used toward satisfying this requirement.

C. Core Courses
As required by particular areas. (Consult with your major professor.)

BSC 5900 (Directed Individual Study). A Course-type MS student must register for DIS research hours as soon as the research project has been selected and begun. A minimum of 2 semesters satisfactory DIS research is required for the Course-type MS degree.

BSC 5971 (Thesis Research). A Thesis MS student must register for thesis research as soon as the research project has been selected and begun. A minimum of 6 thesis hours is needed for graduation.

BSC 6980 (Dissertation Research). Once the Preliminary Exam has been successfully completed, a student must register for BSC 6980. A minimum of 24 dissertation hours is needed for graduation.

Such other courses as may be specified by the supervisory committee.

D. Responsible Conduct of Research
Federal funding agencies have requirements for training on the responsible conduct of research for individuals supported by or participating in projects funded by those agencies. The University Office of Research has established policy and procedures for ensuring compliance with these requirements. RegisterIn order to comply with University policy, all Biology graduate students must complete the online training course offered by CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) within two months of first registering as a graduate student.

Students are also encouraged to register for the course "PSB 5077: Responsible Conduct of Research" as an introduction to survival skills and ethics in scientific research.

☞ IV. Teaching Requirement