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APPENDIX V: Graduate Appeals Policy

Grade appeals: see 2007-2009 FSU Graduate Bulletin, p63.

Other: Any graduate student who feels that an action or decision affecting him/her adversely in his/her graduate program has been made in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

A. should, within 5 calendar days of the action/decision, consult with the person(s) deemed responsible for that action/decision in order to resolve the problem.

B. should then, in the absence of a satisfactory resolution (a), consult with the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies about the matter within 5 calendar days of that meeting, and, if the issue is still not resolved.

C. can file a dated 1-page appeal document with the Graduate Office within the next 5 calendar days.

The written appeal document must contain.

A. a description of the action or decision, with citation of the date(s) when made and by whom, and

B. a statement of the resolution sought, with a justification of that remedy.

The appeal document will be duplicated and distributed to the departmental Graduate Policy Committee (= 4 faculty representatives + one student representative + Associate Chair), which may arrange a meeting with the student to explore the problem. The meeting will be held within 5 calendar days of receipt of the appeal document.

The Graduate Policy Committee will reach a decision within 5 calendar days of the meeting, with the Associate Chair voting only to resolve a tie. No committee member with possible conflict of interest will participate in the proceedings except for a possible interview by the rest of the Committee. The student will be sent a written decision immediately.

A student who is dissatisfied with the decision of the Graduate Policy Committee may appeal that decision to the departmental chairperson within 5 calendar days of receipt of the committee decision. The Department Chair will consult the original appeal document and may meet with the student (and perhaps committee members) within 5 calendar days and shall notify the student of his decision in writing within 5 calendar days. This decision will be binding.

A student's non-adherence to the time lines stated herein will lead to dismissal of the appeal unless extenuating circumstances apply. Committee member absences might cause some time limitation(s) to be extended.

Discretion and confidentiality will be exercised during the entire appeals process. A student will not suffer a punitive action or decision for having pursued an appeal.

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