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APPENDIX IV: English Competency

Certification of competency in spoken English of international graduate teaching assistants, Department of Biological Science. Revised February, 2008

The Department accepts responsibility for ensuring that international students receiving departmental financial support achieve competency in spoken English sufficient to communicate as a scientist and to participate in a quality instructional program at the undergraduate level. As the minimum, the Department requires the following training/certification of all international students on entry into the graduate program.

All new Thesis MS and PhD students, including international students, are required to attend one complete orientation and departmental Teaching Workshop offered prior to the fall semester each year. It is expected that the students will take the workshop at the start of their first year in the program. Students who have not completed the workshop will not be permitted to teach.

The Department recognizes a score of 50 on the SPEAK test (or a score of 26 on the spoken part of the IBTOEFL) as certifying spoken English competency for international teaching assistants. The SPEAK test (administered by the Center for Intensive English Studies) is to be taken by all international students from countries where English is not the native language when they first arrive on campus (normally in the week before classes in the Fall semester). International students will have one calendar year from the time they enter the program to pass the Speak Test with a score of 50 or better. Any international students who fail to meet this requirement will be ineligible for support as a TA until they pass the Speak Test. Petitions for exceptions to this policy will be decided by the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in consultation with the Graduate Policy Committee.

International students who have not passed the Speak test or who have not been certified by the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies will be required to take one credit hour of spoken English courses from C.I.E.S. every semester until they pass or are certified. (Either EAP 4830 -- "Spoken English for International TAs", EAP 4831- Advanced Spoken English for ITAs, or EAP 4832 – "Pronunciation for ITAs")

Satisfactory completion of these requirements qualifies the student to serve as a graduate teaching assistant. Assignment of teaching duties prior to completion of these requirements is at the discretion of the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

☞ Appendix V: Graduate Appeals Policy