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Through the Sea-to-See program, students will discover the marine world in a way that many may have never thought possible-by observing and touching living creatures. To begin the program, participants view a short, introductory video that takes them on a trip through the habitats from which the animals come. After the video, the students explore the marine creatures at two touch tanks, one holding animals from a salt marsh and oyster bar and the other animals from a nearshore seagrass bed. After the students inspect the animals in the first touch tank and look closely at some of the critters under microscopes (all under the guidance of one of the Sea-to-See instructors), they switch touch tanks and continue exploring with the other set of marine organisms. Their exploration ends with a group discussion led by the two Sea-to-See instructors about the importance of caring for marine habitats used by the animals they have come to know.

Through the Sea-to-See program, participants will gain an appreciation for the incredible diversity of marine organisms found in Florida waters-knowledge that lays the foundation for the development of an attitude of stewardship toward the marine environment.

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Sea-to-See is a component of the FSU Department of Biological Science's
Office of Science Teaching Activities Program (OSTA)