Group Report Summaries

"How Salinity and Tides Affect the Location of the Salt Marsh Fish"

The group decided to try and better understand how the different tidal levels and salinity affected the location and type of fish found in the salt marsh. The group wanted to better understand this relationship so that they could see how and where development of the salt marsh might interfere with the fish and their natural habitat.

The students measured the salinity and sampled the fish with a sein net at four different locations in the Turkey Point Salt Marsh. They did this at both high and low tides for comparison. The students then analyzed the results of their observations and formed several conclusions. They found that different species of fish are specialized for different levels of salinity, and that many fish migrate with the tide changes in order to stay in water with the same salinity. The students also found that some fish don't have to migrate becuase they seem to be able to tolerate different levels of salinity.


"Comparing Diversity of Marine Animals Around a Salt Water


The purpose of this project was to compare the diversity of marine life on the bay side and gulf side of the Turkey Point Shoal. The students collected data by using pontoon boats provided by the program to trawl for marine animals on the different sides of the shoal. After each trawl the students sorted the catches and counted the number of species they found. They students then used the Shannon Weaver Diversity equation to measure and compare the diversity of the different trawls. They found more invertabrates on the bay side than the gulf side, and they found that the bay side had more overall diversity than the gulf side. They students proposed that greater wave energy on the gulf side and greater algae content on the bay side as possible explanations for the difference in diversity they found.

Actual Reports

How the Salinity and Tides Affect the Location of the Salt Marsh Fish

Comparing Diversity of Marine Animals Around a Salt Water Shoal