Sequencing Workorder

Fill this form out completely each time you submit a sample. You must have a valid budget number (including PO and PO line number) and signature. Multiple samples with the same primer(s) may be listed in chart format on the lower right or on the back of the sheet (don't forget to include a concentration for each sample). All sample tubes must be labeled clearly with the template name on the top. On the side of the tube include the name of the advisor (P.I.) and the concentration. Sample names MUST be eight characters or less, and primer names MUST be six characters or less. All samples and primers need to be resuspended in water. Plasmid concentrations should be 20ng/ul to 100 ng/ul, please provide a minimum of 100ng of plasmid template for each requested primer. PCR product concentrations should be 5 ng/ul to 20 ng/ul, please provide a minimum of 20ng of template for each requested primer. Primers should be supplied at 3-5uM.

Sample type (circle one):     Plasmid       PCR PRODUCT

Sample Name: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________

Faculty Advisor: __________________________

PO and PO line number: __________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________

PI or Grant Manager Signature: _____________________

DATA OUTPUT AND STORAGE: You will receive your data via email. The sequencing facility will archive your data.

Vector: ________________________________________________________________

Insert Length (or PCR product size): ____________________________________

Sample Concentration: _________________________________________________

Total Volume: __________________________________________________________

Sample-Purification History (e.g.,Qiagen, Wizard, etc.)

Primer(s) to Use for Sequencing: