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Selected Publications
  I have provided links to .pdfs for most of these papers. These .pdfs are for personal educational use only and may not be reprinted without permission of the publishers. If you are using these links to read my papers, please send me an email too - I'd like to know if the links and papers are useful for anyone!

Refereed Publications  

Hambäck, P.A. B.D. Inouye, P. Andersson, and N. Underwood. A theory for relative attraction and associational effects. Ecology, in press.

Underwood, N., B.D. Inouye, and P.A. Hambäck. A conceptual framework for associational effects: when do neighbors matter and how would we know? Quarterly Review of Biology in press.

Spiesman B.J. and B.D. Inouye. 2013. Habitat loss alters the architecture of plant-pollinator interaction networks. Ecology, in press.

Kim T, N. Underwood, B.D. Inouye. 2013. Insect herbivores change the outcome of plant competition through effects on demographic processes. Ecology 94(8): 1753-1763.

Miller, T.E.X., and B.D. Inouye. 2013. Sex-biased dispersal affects the velocity of range expansion. Ecology Letters,16(3): 354-361.

Kadowaki, K., B.D. Inouye, and T.E. Miller. 2012. Assembly-history dynamics of a pitcher-plant protozoan community in experimental microcosms. PLoS ONE, 7(8): e42651. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0042651.

Erickson, G.M., P.M. Gignac, S.A. Steppan, A.K. Lappin, K.A. Vliet, J.D. Brueggen, B.D. Inouye, D. Kledzik, and G.J.W. Webb. 2012. Insights into the ecology and evolutionary success of crocodilians revealed through bite force and tooth pressure experimentation. PLoS ONE 7(3): e31781. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031781.

Kraft, N.J.B., N.J. Sanders, J.C. Stegen, M.J. Anderson, T.O. Crist, H.V. Cornell, M. Vellend, M. Chase, L.S. Comita, K.F. Davies, A.L. Freestone, S.P. Harrison, B.D. Inouye, J.A. Myers, J. N.G. Swenson. 2012. Response to Comments on “Disentangling the Drivers of β Diversity Along Latitudinal and Elevational Gradients. Science 335:1573 doi:10.1126/science.1218697.

Stegen J.C., A.L. Freestone, T.O. Crist, M.J. Anderson, J.M. Chase, L.S. Comita, H.V. Cornell, K.F. Davies, S.P. Harrison, A.H. Hurlbert, B.D. Inouye, N.J. B. Kraft, J.A. Myers, N.J. Sanders, N.G. Swenson, and M. Vellend. 2012. Stochastic and deterministic drivers of spatial and temporal turnover in breeding bird communities. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 22:202-212.

Grinath, J.B., B.D. Inouye, N. Underwood, and I. Billick. 2012. The indirect consequences of a mutualism: comparing positive and negative components of the net interaction between honeydew-tending ants and host plants. Journal of Animal Ecology, 81:494-502.

Kraft, N.J.B., L.S. Comita, J.M. Chase, N.J. Sanders, N.G. Swenson, T.O. Crist, J.C. Stegen, M. Vellend, B. Boyle, M.J. Anderson, H.V. Cornell, K.F. Davies, A.L. Freestone, B.D. Inouye, S.P. Harrison, J.A. Myers. 2011. Disentangling the drivers of β-diversity along latitudinal and elevational gradients. Science 333:1755-1758, with the cover photo.

Miller, T.E.X., and B. D. Inouye. 2011. Confronting two-sex demographic models with data. Ecology, 92(11):2141-2151.

Bruna, E.M., T.J. Izzo, B.D. Inouye, M. Uriarte, and H.L. Vasconcelos. 2011. Asymmetric dispersal and colonization success of Amazonian plant-ant queens. PLoS ONE 6(8): e22937. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022937.

Lee, C.T., B.D. Inouye, and T.E.X. Miller. 2011. Consumer effects on the vital rates of their resource can determine the outcome of competition between consumers. American Naturalist 178(4): 452-463.

Miller, T.E.X., A.K. Shaw, B.D. Inouye, and M.G. Neubert. 2011. Sex-biased dispersal and the speed of two-sex invasions. American Naturalist 177(5):549-561.

Chase, J.M., N.J.B. Kraft, K.G. Smith, M. Vellend, B.D. Inouye. 2011. Using null models to disentangle variation in community dissimilarity from variation in α-diversity. Ecosphere 2(2): art24. doi:10.1890/ES10-00117.1.

Anderson, M.J., T.O. Crist, J.M. Chase, M. Vellend, B.D. Inouye, A.L. Freestone, N.J. Sanders, H.V. Cornell, K.F. Davies, S.P. Harrison, N.J.B. Kraft, J.C. Stegen, N.G. Swenson. 2011. Navigating the multiple meanings of β diversity: a roadmap and compass for the practicing ecologist. Ecology Letters 14(1): 19-28. full article as .pdf

Erickson, G.M., P.J. Currie, B.D. Inouye and A.A. Winn. 2010. A revis ed life table and survivorship curve for Albertosaurus sarcophagus based on the Dry Island mass death assemblag e. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 47(9): 1269-1275.

Lee, C.T. and B.D. Inouye. Mutualism between consumers and their shared resource can promote competitive coexistence. American Naturalist, 175 (3): 277-88. full article as .pdf

Erickson, G.M., O.W.M. Rauhut, M.A. Norell, Z. Zhou, B.D. Inouye, Hou, and A.H. Turner. 2009. Was dinosaurian physiology inherited by birds? -- reconciling slow growth in Archaeopteryx. PLoS ONE 4(10): e7390. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007390. full article as .pdf

Anderson, K.E., B.D. Inouye, and N. Underwood. 2009. Mode ling herbivore competition mediated by inducible changes in plant quality. Oikos 118: 1633-1646. full article as .pdf

Erickson, G.M., P.J. Makovicky, B.D. Inouye, C. Zhou, and K. Gao. 2009. A life table for Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis: the first glimpse into ornithischian dinosaur population biology. Antomical Record 292(9):1514-1521. full article with corrected figure as .pdf

Dáttilo, W.F.C., T.J. Izzo, B.D. Inouye, H.L. Vasconcelos & E.M. Bruna. 2009. Volatile recognition by Pheidole minutula (Myrmicinae), an Amazonian ant-plant specialist. Biotropica, 41(5): 642-646. full article as .pdf

Izzo . T.J., E.M. Bruna, H. Vasconcelos, and B.D. Inouye. 2009. Cooperative colony founding alters the likelyhood of intrspecific competition between Amazonian plant-ants. Insectes Sociaux 56:341-345. full article as .pdf

Hughes, A.R., B.D. Inouye, M. Johnson, N. Underwood, and M. Vellend. 2008. Ecological consequences of genetic diversity. Ecology Letters 11: 609-623. full article as .pdf

Thiele, R. and B.D. Inouye. 2007. Nesting Biology, Seasonality and Mating Behavior of Epicharis metatarsalis Friese (Hymenoptera, Apidae) in North-Eastern Costa Rica. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 100 (4): 596 – 602 . full article as .pdf

Freestone, A.L. and B.D. Inouye. 2006. Dispersal limitation and environmental heterogeneity shape scale-dependent diversity patterns in a plant community. Ecology 87 (10): 2425 – 2432. full article as .pdf

Erickson, G.M., P.J. Currie, B.D. Inouye and A.A. Winn. 2006. Tyrannosaur life tables: an example of nonavian dinosaur population biology. Science 313: 213 – 217.

B.D. Inouye , N. Underwood, D.F. Doak, P. and Kareiva. 2006. Interviewing for academic jobs. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 87 (2): 155-158. full article as .pdf

Boggs, C.L., C.E. Holdren, I.G. Kulahci, T.C. Bonebrake, B.D. Inouye, J.P. Fay, A. McMillan, E.H.Williams, and P.R. Ehrlich. 2006. Delayed population explosion of an introduced butterfly. Journal of Animal Ecology 75 (2): 466-475.

Tiffin , P.L., B.D. Inouye, and N. Underwood. 2006. Induction and herbivore mobility affect the evolution of plant defense and herbivore counter defense. Evolutionary Ecology Research 8 : 265-277. link to .pdf for subscribers

Inouye, B.D., and D.M. Johnson. 2005. Larval aggregation affects feeding rate in Chlosyne poecile (Lepidoptera: Nympahildae). Florida Entomologist 88(3): 247-252.full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D.2005. Scaling up from local interactions to regional coexistence across two scales of spatial heterogeneity: Insect larvae in the fruits of Apeiba membranacea. Oecologia 145(2): 188-196.

N. Underwood, P. Hambäck, and B.D. Inouye. 2005. Large-scale questions and small-scale data: empirical and theoretical methods for scaling-up in ecology. Oecologia145 (2): 177-178. full article as .pdf

Davies K.F., P. Chesson, S. Harrison, B.D. Inouye, B.A. Melbourne, and K.J. Rice. 2005. Spatial heterogeneity explains the scale dependence of the native-exotic diversity relationship. Ecology 86(6): 1602-1610. full article as .pdf

Underwood, N., K. Anderson, and B.D. Inouye .2005. Induced versus constitutive resistance and the spatial distribution of insect herbivores among plants. Ecology 86(3): 594-602. full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D. 2005. The importance of the variance around the mean effect size of ecological processes: Comment. Ecology 86(1): 262-265.full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D., and A.A. Agrawal. 2004. Ant mutualists alter the composition and attack rate of the parasitoid community for the gall wasp Disholcaspis eldoradensis (Cynipidae). Ecological Entomology29(6): 692-696. full article as .pdf

Mendelson, T., B.D. Inouye, and M. Rausher. 2004. Quantifying patterns in the evolution of reproductive isolation. Evolution 58(7): 1424-1433.full article as .pdf

S.P. Harrison, B.D. Inouye,and  H.D. Safford. 2003. Ecological heterogeneity in the effects of grazing and fire on grassland diversity. Conservation Biology 17(3): 837-845. full article as .pdf

B.D. Inouye and P.L. Tiffin. 2003. Measuring tolerance to herbivory with natural or imposed damage: a reply to
      Lehtilä. Evolution 57(3): 681-682.full article as .pdf

S.P. Harrison and B.D. Inouye. 2002. High beta diversity in the flora of Californian serpentine “islands”.  Biodiversity and Conservation 11: 1869-1876. full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D. 2001. Response surface experimental designs for investigating interspecific competition. Ecology 82(10): 2696-2706. full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D. and J.R. Stinchcombe. 2001 Relationships between ecological interaction modifications and diffuse coevolution: similarities, differences, and causal links. Oikos 95(2): 353–356. full article as .pdf

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Inouye, D.W., B. Barr, K.B. Armitage, and B.D. Inouye. 2000. Changes in the phenology of migrants and hibernators at high altitudes, and the consequences of differences in climate change at low and high altitudes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 97(4): 1630-1633. full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D. 1999. Integrating nested spatial scales: implications for the coexistence of competitors on a patchy resource. Journal of Animal Ecology 68(1): 150-162. full article as .pdf

Inouye, B.D. 1999. Estimating competition coefficients: strong competition among three species of frugivorous flies. Oecologia 120(4): 588-594. full article as .pdf