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People in the Inouye lab


There are several undergraduates working in the lab, as independent study students or as paid research assistants. There are new openings most semesters.


Liz Bergen is helping run experiments on Associational Effects in plant-insect interactions (2013).

Current Graduate Students

Josh Grinath (PhD expected 2014) is co-advised with Nora Underwood. Josh is working on an ant-membracid mutualism and its effects on the host plant and an herbivorous beetle. His field work is near RMBL.

Andrew Merwin (PhD student) is co-advised with Nora Underwood. Andrew is working on movement, dispersal, and conservation in plant-insect systems.

Pete Takacs (MS student).  Pete is working on a PhD in Philosophy of Science and a concurrent MS in Biology.  He's working on competition and coexistence, using the bean beetle system for experiments.

If you are potential graduate student and want to see your name up here too, please read my letter to prospective students, check out the E&E goup here, and then send me an email if you're still interested in working with me at FSU.



None now...


Some Lab Alumnae

Brian Spiesman, PhD 2012. Brian is now a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin.

Amanda Buchanan, PhD 2012. Amanda is now a postdoc at the University of Maryland.

Kohmei Kadowaki (2010-2011) was a postdoc who worked on projects with the bean beetles, insects colonizing mushroom patches, community assembly by protozoa, and a review of predator functional responses to prey density. He's now a post-doctoral fellow at Kyoto University.

Kurt Anderson (2005-2007) was a USDA post-doctoral research fellow working on spatial models of herbivores and plants, and collaborated with Nora Underwood's lab to get data on plants with induced resistance. He is now faculty at the University of California, Riverside.

Tom E.X. Miller (2007-2009) was a USDA post-doctoral research fellow, co-sponsored by Nora Underwood. Tom does a mix of theory and field work on insect invasions and plant-insect interactions. He is now faculty at Rice University.

Brian Seitzman did an undergraduate Honors project (2006-2007) on the forked fungus beetle and its interactions with Ganoderma fungi and their host trees. He is now working on a PhD at Clark University, on fungal systematics and insect-fungus associations.

Lauren Brothers (2005-2006) worked with the C. maculatus and the wasps as an undergraduate independent study project. She is in law school, working on environmental law.

Hege Vårdal was a US-Norway postdoctoral fellow (2005-2006) working on the evolution of cynipid gall wasps and their venom glands. She is a curator of entomology at the Swedish National Natural History museum in Stockholm.

Katie McAlister (2005-2006) was a technician for Nora Underwood and me. Now she is teaching environmental education in California.

Robin Hopkins (2004-2005)was a technician for me and Nora Underwood. After grad school at Duke, she now faculty at Harvard!

Maggie Simon (2009) was a technician here for a year, and she is now a grad student in ecology at UCLA. 

Travis McDevitt-Galles was a technician 2010-2012. He is now a grad student in ecology at UC Boulder.