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FAMU FACE Students at FSU Lab

The Maize-10-Maze is a field replicate of the maize genome and NSF outreach project.
Using classical genetics to illustrate gene function and mapping in corn.

About Maize-10-Maze
The Maize-10-Maze project is a type of living map of the maize genome in which 10 individual rows represent the 10 chromosomes of corn. We have selected nearly 100 different naturally-occurring mutants of maize that illustrate genetic control of plant growth and development. Mutants that have been mapped to chromosome 1 are in row 1, those mapped to chromosome 2 in row 2, and so on.

Students Collect Mutant Tissues for DNA Preps in the Lab

2012, at Lab w/ CSAGRIM Researchers and Students from FSU
Dept. Biological Science, FSU, Tallahassee, FL, June 2012.

Click here to view the photo gallery of maize mutants

Click here to view zmXmz version 4c,
a larger photo gallery collection with more images, higher resolution versions, and some additional ear pictures.

Project Credits
The Maize-10-Maze project was an FSU-FAMU collaborative effort presented by Dr. Hank Bass, Karen McGinnis, and Jonathan Dennis, Department of Biological Science, Florida State University, and by Drs. Kome Onokpise and Dreamal Worthen, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Florida A & M University.

Note on source of maize mutants: The mutants used for this project were selected from a large list of mostly naturally occurring mutants. The mutant stocks are distributed to scientists and breeders through the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center.

For best view, select high-resolution (720-HD) in the movies.
For additional movies including post-even corn olympics, see outreach page 2 videos.


FSU Lab Activities Day with FAMU FACE program students, Summer, 2012.

FACE at FSU Lab Day; making DNA recovery loops, Summer, 2012.

FACE at FSU Lab Day; Post-Doc Thelma Madzima lecturing about DNA, Summer, 2012.

FSU Lab Day; student discusses DNA isolation from maize camouflage1 ("camo") mutant.

FACE at FSU Lab Day; Project Manager, Dr. Gregg Hoffman, isolating DNA with FACE students.

FACE at FSU Lab; Students isolating DNA Knotted1 (Kn1) and Rolled1 (Rld1)

More Field Mutant Videos from the Maize-10-Maze, 2012:

Maize-10-Maze 2012; lazy1 (la1 mutants, rain, 49 days after sowing.

Maize-10-Maze 2012; Tassel seed5 (Ts5 mutants, 46 days after sowin g.

Maize-10-Maze 2012; Ragged leaves1 (Rg1 mutants, 43 days after sowing.

More Fun Corn Vids on Outreach2


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PI: Dr. Hank W. Bass, Florida State University
Funded by the NSF Plant Genome Research Program
NSF Award Abstract 1025954
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