It's official

Written 1 June 2007

CJ's commencementYoung CJ is now a bona fide college graduate. Her commencement was pretty comprehensively rained on, but spirits were not dampened. Here she is on the happy day (left), still in her academic regalia and rain poncho, with (left to right) mom, older brother, dad, and oldest brother.

All the hotel and restaurant reservations are squared away, and only a few want reconfirmation calls a day or two in advance. It only occurred to me after I made all those reservations that, because they're all at high end restaurants, none is at a couscous place. Will I regret that? CJ is pretty fond of couscous, as am I. We may just have to make an exception to our light-lunch rule and hit the couscous bar in the Carousel du Louvre some noontime.

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