ecology and evolution of communities

Our group is interested in a variety of questions from community ecology and evolutionary biology, including evolution in community contexts in microbial systems, ecology of barrier island vegetation, and  marine work on the ecology of seagrass and anemones. While maintaining a basic interest in understanding how the world around us works, we are also concerned about practical applications of our research for conservation and environmental biology. We hope that you will spend some time learning about us and our research. I can be contacted by e-mail at:

News and activities

--    I really appreciate the goals of this paper and working with this group of authors.  It is nice to see long-term studies appreciated and promoted.

--    The dune work is discussed on the Springer Life Science blog!  Apparently Miller, Gornish, and Buckley 2010 is sufficiently cited to draw attention.

--    St. George census completed on Nov. 7, 2016.  Thanks to the Field Quantitative Methods class and, especially, Alice Winn, Abigail Pastore, Maggie Vogel, Natalie Ramirez-Bullon, Brian Inouye, Nora Underwood, and Miyoke Inouye.

--Crooked Island census completed on October 15, 2016.  Good time had by all.  Thank for volunteering!
Crooked CrewCrooked Island census crew, October 15, 2016.  Andrew Merwin, Kyle Spells, Abigail Pastore, Henry Gwynn, Catalina Cuellar-Gempeler, Natali Ramirez-Bullon, Brendan Scherer, Alice Winn, and Tom Miller.  We killed it.  Thanks to all for volunteering!

--     PADI has made the Miller Lab very happy, providing well-deserved funding to Maggie Vogel and Will Ryan.