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Research Interests

We are interested in how important cellular decisions such as proliferation, growth and polarization are made during animal development. Dysregulation of these cellular processes are tightly associated with tumorigenesis and cancer formation. Our laboratory mainly uses Drosophila as a model organism to study the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying these cellular behaviors. The current research in my lab has three major foci (1) temporal regulation of cell proliferation, growth, and differentiation in the follicle cells, (2) the cellular mechanisms the oocyte uses to establish asymmetric maternal-determinant positioning and therefore its polarity, and (3) the molecular mechanisms underlying cell competition in epithelial cells.


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This just in!

News and Announcements

~ July 4th, 2017: Check out this new paper about the m6A pathway in sex determination in Drosophila 📖

~ Congratulations to FSU alumnus, Dr. Dongyu Jia , on his new position as Assistant Professor of Biology at Georgia Southern University 🎉

~ June 27th, 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Zhiqiang Shu on an excellent defense! 😁👍

~ April 24th, 2017: We have a new PhD candidate in the lab. Congratulations Deep on passing your prelims!

~Check out Zhiqiang's new paper Differential Regulation of Cyclin E by Yorkie-Scalloped Signaling in Organ Development.

~Congrats to Genqiang on the new paper The SWI/SNF complex protein Snr1 is a tumor suppressor in Drosophila imaginal tissues.

~ Spring 2017: Welcome to our newest undergraduate in the lab, Joseph Polanco.

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