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A certain number of seats in all biology classes are being held for majors, and all of our fall labs are restricted to majors at this time. None of our summer courses are restricted to majors.

The cap for majors will be lifted on July 11th at midnight. At that point the remaining seats will be open to students from any major.

NOTE: We do not maintain registration wait lists for any lectures. Continue to monitor Student Central for available seats in order to enroll for a lecture.

We do maintain registration wait lists for: BSC 2010L  BSC2011L  BSC 2085L  BSC 3420L  MCB 4403L  PCB 4024L

These will open on 4/18/16 at 8AM and close on 4/29/16 at 5PM.

Step 1 - Make sure you have no holds on your account. Remove them if you do.

Step 2 - {4/18 - 4/29} Go to the following link and fill out all of the requested information (this link will ALSO be in Student Central in the class details section for all wait listed labs.)

Step 3 - {8/29 - 9/1}

Attend the first day of the lab which you want to be enrolled in.

If there are seats available and your name is on the wait list then you will be given priority to be added to the course. If you do not get added, you will need to attend the next lab session which works with your schedule.

You may need to attend multiple sessions in order to get added to a popular lab.

Being persistent helps!

What are some Liberal Studies classes that might help students prepare for the Social Science section of the MCAT?

AMH 2097 - Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
PSY 2012 - General Psychology
SOP 3004 - Social Psychology
SYG 1000 - Introduction to Sociology
SYG 2010 - Social Problems
HPS 3320 - Screening the Scientific Life:  Cinema and the Cultural Image of Science (Y)
PHI 2630 - Ethical Issues and Life Choices
PSB 2000 - Introduction to Brain and Behavior