Masters in Science Teaching - Secondary School

The program of studies for the Master of Science Teaching Secondary School (grades 6-12) degree program builds upon a bachelor's degree in one of the science areas (Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, or Physics). It can also be structured as a combined BS/MS degree program for FSU students currently completing undergraduate science degrees. [Note: These students may take up to 12 credit hours in their content major at the graduate level that is allowed to count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.] It is a non-thesis master's program designed to provide program completers with extensive preparation in the teaching content areas and strong preparation in the pedagogical aspects of science teaching and learning, including high-quality, extended middle- or high-school based teaching experiences. The program of studies for this degree program is designed to extend and deepen the science background of its students through the required graduate-level content courses and prepare them with knowledge of how students learn science best and what that means for teaching. This MST program offers an option to science undergraduates that will produce exceptionally qualified teachers for the middle- and high-school settings.

Course of Study (total = 36-37 graduate credit hours):

    Undergraduate core (recommended for completion during the B.S.):

    EME 2040 Educational Technology Theory and Practice in Instruction (3)

    TSL 4324/5325 ESOL Instruction in the Content Area (3)

    EDF 4210 Educational Psychology of Development of Learners (3)

    RED 4335 Content Area Reading for Secondary School Teachers (3)

    EDF 4430/5431 Classroom Assessment (3)

    Graduate Core:

    9 Graduate credits in content area (biology, chemistry, physics) taken during either the B.S. or the M.S.

    BSC 5900 Directed Individual Study (2-3)

    BSC 6921r Colloquium in (biological, chemical, or physical) Science (1)

    BSC 5936/SMT 4301 Classroom Interactions (3)

    ISC 5525 Advanced Portfolio Design (1)

    ISC 5946 Half-Time Teaching Internship (3)

    ISC 5944 Ethics, School Law, and Management of Science Classrooms (3)

    ISC 5945 Full-Time Teaching Internship (6)

    ISC 5098 Reflective Science Teaching (2)

    ISC 8938 Portfolio Review (0)