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Dr. Fredrik Ronquist - FSU Biological Science Faculty Member -->

Dr. Fredrik Ronquist

Office: 1-850-645-0314
Fax: 1-850-644-0098
Mail code: 4120

Associate Professor;
Ph.D., Uppsala University, 1994

Doctoral codirective status

Research and Professional Interests:

Computational and theoretical phylogenetics; phylogeny, systematics, and evolution of cynipoid wasps.

Selected Publications:

Ronquist, F. 1995a. Ancestral areas revisited. Systematic Biology 44:572-575.

Ronquist, F. 1995b. Phylogeny and classification of the Liopteridae, an archaic group of cynipoid wasps (Hymenoptera). Entomologica Scandinavica Suppl. 46:1-74.

Ronquist, F. 1995c. Phylogeny and early evolution of the Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera). Systematic Entomology 20:309-335.

Ronquist, F. 1996a. DIVA, ver. 1.1. Computer program available by anonymous ftp. Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Ronquist, F. 1996b. Matrix representation of trees, redundancy, and weighting. Systematic Biology 45:247-253.

Ronquist, F. 1996c. Reconstructing the history of host-parasite associations using generalised parsimony. Cladistics 11:73-89.

Nordlander, G., Z. Liu, and F. Ronquist. 1996. Phylogeny and historical biogeography of the cynipoid wasp family Ibaliidae (Hymenoptera). Systematic Entomology 21:151-166.

Ronquist, F. 1997. Dispersal-vicariance analysis: a new approach to the quantification of historical biogeography. Systematic Biology 46:195-203.

Ronquist, F. 1998a. Phylogenetic approaches in coevolution and biogeography. Zoologica Scripta 26:313-322.

Ronquist, F. 1998b. Three-dimensional cost-matrix optimization and maximum cospeciation. Cladistics 14:167-172.

Ronquist, F. 1998c. Fast Fitch-parsimony algorithms for large data sets. Cladistics 14:387-400.

Ronquist, F. 1999a. Phylogeny of the Hymenoptera: the state of the art. Zoologica Scripta 28:3-11.

Ronquist, F., A. P. Rasnitsyn, A. Roy, K. Eriksson, and M. Lindgren. 1999b. Phylogeny of the Hymenoptera: a cladistic reanalysis of Rasnitsyn's 1998 data. Zoologica Scripta 28:13-50.

Ronquist, F. 1999c. Phylogeny, classification and evolution of the Cynipoidea. Zoologica Scripta 28:139-164.

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