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Dr. Christopher C Koenig - FSU Biological Science Faculty Member -->

Dr. Christopher C. Koenig

Office:  (850) 697-4139
Fax:  (850) 697-3822

Coleman and Koenig Research Lab

Research and Professional Interests:

My research is focused on economically important reef fishes of the southeastern United States. Subject areas include studies of absolute abundance and survival in nursery habitats, demographics of reproductive groups on offshore spawning sites, deep-water coral reef restoration, and trophic interactions of marine fishes. My interests in conservation have led me to interact with commercial and recreational fishing groups to explain reef-fish ecology and encourage conservation-oriented fishing practices, including the use of marine protected areas.

Selected Publications:

Koenig, C. C., F. C. Coleman.  1998.  Absolute abundance and survival juvenile gag, Mycteroperca microlepis, in seagrass beds of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 127:44-55.

Koenig, C. C., F. C. Coleman, C. B. Grimes, G. R. Fitzhugh, C. T. Gledhill, K. M. Scanlon, and M. Grace. 2000. Protection of essential fish spawning habitat for the conservation of warm temperate reef fish fisheries of shelf-edge reefs of Florida. Bull. Mar. Sci. 66:593-616.

Koenig, C. C., A. N. Shepard, J. K. Reed, F. C. Coleman, S. D. Brooke, J. Brusher, and K. Scanlon. In press. Habitat and fish populations in the deep-sea Oculina coral ecosystem of the western Atlantic.  American Fisheries Society Symposium 41:795-805.

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