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Schedule for Fall 2017

Meetings are held Fridays 3-4PM in KIN 2057.

Date    Speaker: Description

  09/01      Natali Ramirez-Bullon: Welcome to EERDG
  09/08      Hurricane
  09/15      Hurricane
  09/22      Liz Lange: Mollies
  09/29      Luke Jones: Parallel Evolution at the Genetic Level
  10/06      Natali Ramirez-Bullon: Population Ecology of Rare Plants
  10/13      Eve Humphrey: Implicit Bias in Teaching

  10/20   Jess Cusick: SUNY Binghamton Practice Talk
  10/27   Jessie Mutz: Summer Results: Spatial Structure in Insect Herbivore Populations
  11/03   Kate Hill: How to Create a Teachinig Portfolio
  11/10   Veterans Day
  11/17   Eve Humphrey and Andrew Merwin: Science Experiment
  11/24   Happy Thanksgiving!
  12/01   Mysia Dye: Species Boundaries... (Frogs!)
  12/08   White Elephant Gift Exchange

Geometrid caterpillar during field surveys in Quincy, FL. Photo by EERDG-ite Jessie Mutz.