Admissions Requirements

for Graduate Studies in Biological Sciences

School code for GRE and TOEFL: 5219

Items Required in Application Form

Applications are completed online through the FSU Graduate Application Portal

Note: The Department only accepts the GRE exam when considering admission.

Requirements Minimums
GPA 3.0 or better, on all upper division work
GRE Average Scores: Verbal 157 (74%) , Quantitative 156 (64%)
You should request that official GRE scores be sent to FSU (school code 5219).
We do not have a minimum GRE score for admission, but applicants with GRE scores below 153 verbal and 146 quantitative need to have strong research backgrounds, a GPA >3.2 on upper division courses, and excellent letters of recommendation.*
(Intl Only)
92 total, 26 on speaking. You should request that official TOEFL scores be sent to FSU (school code 5219).
TOEFL scores are not required if you are from a country where English is the primary spoken language, or if you have a graduate degree from an institution in an English-speaking country
Transcripts Official transcripts from all institutions attended.
Copies of transcripts are to be uploaded into the Application Portal system under Supporting Documents, and you should request that official copies be sent to the FSU Office of Admissions.
Letters 3 letters of recommendation are to be uploaded into the Application Portal by the individuals who will be submitting letters.
Statement Statement of research interest is to be uploaded into the Application Portal under Supporting Documents.
Faculty Choices List 3 faculty members, who are currently accepting students, as potential advisors
Bio Suppl. Application Fill out the supplemental application form and upload it into the Application Portal as well

What We Look for in Prospective Graduate Students